Save up with Accrue savings and earn $50

Accrue Savings is a free, FDIC-insured account that you can use to save up for your new Windmill AC unit. As you save up, you’ll also earn $50 toward your purchase.

Build your savings even faster with contributions from friends and family!

How it works:

Open your free, FDIC-insured account.

Any money you save up will be securely held here until you’re ready to buy.

Set up a savings plan.

Tell us when you want your AC unit and you’ll automatically start saving up with a custom schedule that works for you.

Earn money as you save up.

Save up even faster by having friends and family contribute.

Make your purchase.

Buy your new AC unit with your savings when you are ready - no debt, interest, or fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any fees to use Accrue?

Absolutely not! There are no fees when you save up for or buy your Windmill AC.

Is my account secure?

Your money is 100% secure in an FDIC-insured savings account. Accrue uses encryption and two-factor authentication whenever you share personal information and will never sell your data.

How do I earn $50 toward my savings?

Windmill will contribute $50 directly toward the cost of your new AC unit. You will see this in the dashboard’s progress bar when you start saving up.

What if I need to change my savings plan?

Adjust your savings plan any time from your dashboard. You can also save up faster by making one-time deposits or asking friends and family to crowdfund your purchase.

How do I use my rewards when I’m ready to buy?

Your rewards accumulate in your savings plan as you save up and will automatically be applied to your purchase.