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Introducing the Windmill AC with WhisperTech

The perfect balance of beauty and performance.

Lets talk decibels

WhisperTech™ sounds like… you guessed it, a whisper. With a smooth variable speed compressor and a near-silent linear fan, the Windmill AC with WhisperTech™ delivers cool, ultra quiet comfort.

Listen to a legacy non-inverter AC

Listen to the Windmill AC with WhisperTech™

Under the hood

WhisperTech™ is powered by advanced inverter technology that optimizes airflow, noise, and energy efficiency. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Inverter with microprocessors

Our inverter air conditioners use smart technology to adjust the speed of the compressor motor, saving energy and maintaining room temperature.

Near-silent linear fan

A small and quiet DC motor propels the horizontal fan, efficiently and smoothly delivering a wide and uniform airflow while minimizing noise. The air flows up and out into the room at a 45 degree angle, like "central air from a window AC”.

Dual air intake

We improved the AC's cooling efficiency by adding bottom vents, allowing for more indoor air intake and better performance.

Elegant design that elevates your space

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