Activated Carbon Filters


The air in your home is as important as ever. We offer activated carbon filters that fit directly into your antimicrobial-protected filter (included), and help protect against fumes, gases, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and similar pollutants. We recommend changing them every three months. Annual filter pack (4 filters).

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Terms of Sale apply. Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout. *If auto-refills selected, billing of $48/year occurs when annual pack (4 filters) ships 3mo. after purchase, then annually; cancel any time.

Add some breeze


Step 1 - Window type

We need to make sure your window can hold an AC unit safely. It must be a single- or double-hung window (it should slide up and down) and be in good condition. Does this describe your window?
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Step 2 - Window Size

Great! Let’s figure out window size. The Windmill AC is designed to fit windows with a width of 23-37 inches and a vertical opening of at least 14 inches. Sounds accurate?
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Step 3 - Space Size

OK, what's the approximate size of your space? Best guess is fine!
(100-250 Square ft.)
(250-350 Square ft.)
(350+ Square ft.)
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And here's the Windmill for you! We wish you many breezy days.