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A window AC that’s as powerful, eco-friendly, and cool as they come.

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Go with the flow

We put in top vents that blow air up and out into the room at a 45 degree angle (and not into your face, like other window air conditioning units). The result is an in-window air conditioner that delivers better air flow and more efficient cooling.

Seal the deal with better insulation

Not only do our insulation panels look refreshingly clean, they also keep out outside air. In the summer, that means a more comfortable home with higher energy savings. In the winter, that means you can leave our low-profile window air conditioner in year-round (and avoid the hassle of removing and storing your window AC).

A comfortable home, from anywhere

Control your smart window air conditioner with our app, for iPhone and Android. Turn the window AC unit on 10 minutes before you get home on a blazing hot day. Turn it off if you forgot you left it on (now that’s eco-friendly!). You can also connect your Windmill in-window AC unit to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Phone Controlled

Wifi Connected

Voice Enabled

The Windmill AC unit
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A window AC that’s eco-friendly to the core

We didn’t want to create another window air conditioner that’s bad for the environment. We use a responsible, eco-friendly refrigerant (R32) with 68% less global warming potential than what’s commonly used (410a). We also offset the carbon emissions of every window AC unit purchased. We'll even help you recycle your old window air conditioners.

Hides in plain sight

With curved edges, clean lines, and an auto-dimming LED display, Windmill blends right into your home (without bright LEDs keeping you up at night).

Cleaner air, delivered

Fresh filters mean fresher, healthier air, plus improved performance and longevity for your AC. We’ll keep you supplied so you don’t have to think about it too much.

Don’t sweat the setup

If you need a little help, we’ve made it easy for you.

Do It Yourself

We’ve pre-assembled the installation kit so setup is a breeze. And, we’re always a message away if you run into issues.


For an extra helping hand, we’ve partnered with TaskRabbit nationwide so you can find someone qualified to install your AC.

Premium Installation*

For those in NYC, we offer custom plexiglass and city-compliant installations by professional technicians (they'll even remove and recycle your old unit).

*Selected at checkout

Find out if Windmill is right for you

From the ones living breezy

It’s so chic looking! I never wanted to show off my AC before, but my Windmill is so beautiful. My super helped me install it as I thought it was going to be hard, but it was effortless as all the parts were already assembled. My roomie and I could have just done it ourselves! ”

Georgia B

I’m an artist, so quality design is super important to me, and this AC is absolutely gorgeous! I had one before but couldn’t stand how it looked, so I got rid of it. Now I can finally stay cool while painting, and I actually enjoy looking at it! ”

Larsen M

Buying and installing an AC should be simple. Unfortunately, it never has been until I purchased a Windmill. I rarely write reviews but for a product that looks and works this well I felt it necessary. I love how sleek, quiet, and powerful this unit is. ”

Neville I

I literally felt like I was unboxing an iPhone when I unboxed the Windmill AC. Such thoughtful packaging, design, and instruction. Installation was a breeze, my apartment feels so cool and comfortable. Anyone in the market for an AC needs this! ”

Meg C

A breeze 60 years in the making

We’re building on a longstanding family tradition in the AC manufacturing business, bringing you a new spin on proven quality.

Life with Windmill
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"The iPhone of air conditioners"

Forbes - July, 2020

"Far nicer than any unit on the market right now"

Gear Patrol - July, 2020

Give your old AC a new life

When refrigerants leak into landfills, it’s pretty awful for the environment. Properly recycling your old AC unit is an easy way to prevent that.

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Pack of four. Fits directly into your included filter and protects against smoke, allergens, odors, fumes, and more. Switch them out every three months for best results.


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Step 1 - Window type

We need to make sure your window can hold an AC unit safely. It must be a double hung window (it should slide up and down) and be in good condition. Does this describe your window?
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Step 2 - Window Size

Great! Let’s figure out window size. The Windmill AC is designed to fit windows with a width of 23-37 inches and a vertical opening of at least 14 inches. Sounds accurate?
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Step 3 - Space Size

OK, what's the approximate size of your space? Best guess is fine!
(100-250 Square ft.)
(250-350 Square ft.)
(350+ Square ft.)
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And here's the Windmill for you! We wish you many breezy days.