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Troubleshooting Tips For Your Window AC

There’s nothing worse than a faulty AC on a hot summer day. But like all machines, sometimes your AC goes on the fritz, and you’ll need to do some air conditioner troubleshooting. We’ll review some...

How Does An Air Conditioner Work

Knowing how an air conditioner works will keep you cooler and save you money, so it’s worth learning the basics. We’ll go over the mechanics behind your AC, as well as some general knowledge about ...

How to Reduce Indoor Humidity Levels

In this blog, we’ll give a brief explainer on the basics of humidity, reveal the ideal humidity for your home, and teach you how to reduce indoor humidity.

Cool Mist Humidifiers vs. Air Conditioners

Today we’re going to cover an air conditioning adjacent product: humidifiers. We’ll cover the benefits of a cool mist humidifier versus an air conditioner, discuss the benefits of using both produc...

How to use an AC Sizing Chart for Window Air Conditioner

When picking a window air conditioner, you might think that it’s always better to go with a more powerful machine. But once you’ve figured out the dimensions of your window and which features you n...

How to Insulate Your Window AC Unit

A well-insulated AC runs more efficiently which keeps you cooler and costs less money to operate. We’ll cover how to insulate a window AC unit, how to check the seal around your window AC unit, and...