Introducing the Windmill AC with WhisperTech

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High-Design Air Conditioner Is the Quietest I’ve Tried.
The best smart air conditioners for 2021
As soon as the Windmill came of out of the box I thought, bye bye industrial age, hello sleek and chic.

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AC refreshed

We’re here to help make your home a sanctuary. We've built a better window air conditioner from scratch, with you in mind. It’s an elegant, efficient, and quiet AC that blends right into your space.

What’s WhisperTech™?

The Windmill AC with WhisperTech™ perfectly balances beauty and performance. With advanced inverter technology and a near-silent linear fan, it’s 9X quieter and 35% more efficient than legacy, non-inverter ACs.

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Earn $$$, save the planet

We love a good win-win… like earning cash and helping the environment with Eco Rewards™, a first-of-its-kind energy management program for window ACs. Enroll your Windmill AC in a few minutes from the app, and we’ll automatically help you use less electricity when it matters most, like during a heatwave. Available in parts of New York and California. Rewards only available in New York, for now.

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We've got your back

Whether you have questions about installation options, the AC, app, or anything else, we're here to support you. Chat or email us anytime. We mean it.

Better, cleaner air

The Windmill AC features dual-filtration to improve the quality of your air, so you can come home to the freshest, cleanest, and comfiest environment possible.

Minding our impact

We strive for the highest standard of energy efficiency and do what we can to lessen the environmental impact of our ACs.

Carbon offsetting program

More eco-friendly refrigerant

Remote control efficiency

Recycling help

AC for you, AC for nature

Trees are sometimes called 'nature's air conditioner' - they take in carbon dioxide from the air and help prevent our planet from overheating. But unfortunately, trees haven't been able to keep up with the world's increasing carbon emissions. To help, we're investing in tree protection projects to offset the emissions produced by every AC purchased.

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A breeze 60 years in the making

We’re built on a longstanding family tradition in the AC manufacturing business, bringing you a new spin on proven quality.

Our Story

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