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Winter Cover - Breeze by Sophie Collé

Winter Cover - Breeze by Sophie Collé

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Made from durable water-resistant/mold-resistant cotton, our covers not only look awesome, but they're functional too.

Our team personally packs and ships this item. Please allow 7-10 days for your cover to ship once ordered.

Also available in Canvas & Confetti

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19.5W x 4D X 13H (with elastic)

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Windmill Activated Carbon Filters

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Winter Cover - Breeze by Sophie Collé
Small/Medium (6000 & 8000 BTU)

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Carbon Offset

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Protect against heat loss

Even though our window AC units fit snugly in your windows, heat can escape through tiny cracks and your AC's vents. AC covers insulate the unit, ensuring your room stays warm and cozy all winter long.

Prevent cold drafts

An elastic cover will prevent cold drafts from entering your home through the top vents. Now you can confidently leave your AC in all year round!

Enhance your window aesthetic

We've teamed up with one of our favorite designers, Sophie Collé, to bring you bright, cheerful patterns that will add instant cool factor to any room.

Shooting the Breeze with Sophie

You focus on hand-crafted furniture design – tell us how/why you partnered with an AC company?
I loved Windmill's units long before we decided to work together! As a furniture designer, I really believe in smart design, whether it be totally functional or just totally beautiful. I love that windmill combines the two, and that I got a hand in creating an item that will hopefully land in many design lovers' homes!

Tell us a bit about the inspiration images for these designs?
My design sensibilities are mostly inspired by the playfulness of radical Italian design from the 80's, my own childhood, and anything fun I encounter throughout the day. In all of my work, but especially these covers, I aim to create a balance of whimsy and familiar geometries that people can relate to, while also giving them the opportunity of adding a touch of color to their home.

Do you have any winter furniture tips we should know about?
This winter, I have spent a lot of time rearranging my space based on the sun! Since the winter sun is much stronger in the morning, and fades pretty quickly, I made sure to make my most visited spots in the apartment to be near the windows. My apartment is also mostly white and neutrals (despite my love of pink!) which really helps brighten up those gloomy winter days. Also, plants can freshen up any boring piece of furniture!

How do you style your window AC in and out of season?
Are you more of a let it blend in or make it stand out vibe? Normally, I like to pull my ugly unit out and hide it as far as humanly possible! However with my new windmill unit I have no problem leaving it up year round :) Especially with my three covers to switch between!

What other artists do you most admire?
My mom, who was a fresco painter in Italy & France in the 80's is my biggest inspiration. I also deeply admire the members of the Memphis group, Studio 65, and many of the other radical Italian groups, who made it their mission to continuously innovate, while also creating really beautiful, fun, and sometimes even ridiculous work. Eileen Gray and Charlotte Perriand, Cini Boeri, Gae Aulenti, Katarzyna Kobro, are amongst many of the talented female furniture designers who have paved the way for creators like me.

If you could chill with one person dead or alive, who would it be?
Oh man! I have many idols I would love to chat with. Laurinda Hope Spear, founder of Arquitectonica (my favorite architecture firm) has done so many amazing things in her life - I would love to pick her brain.

What’s the coolest thing about you?
Definitely my cats - Miss Cordelia Basketball & Miss Priscilla Basketball. They make everyone who comes through my house really laugh.

Any favorite songs you’re chilling out to these days?
loving The Weeknd's new album and all of the cool 80's synth vibes.

What’s the coolest new spot you’ve been to in NYC or BK?
I stopped by Hannah Traore Gallery for it's opening in LES last week and it was to die for. It's a beautiful space and a beautiful inaugural collection. I encourage everyone to stop by soon!

If your personality were a temperature, what would it be and why?
I'm definitely a warm 75 degrees, in a former life, I probably lived in Miami.