The Windmill AC

$ 395 $ 415

A modern window air conditioner designed with you in mind. The Windmill AC is easy-to-install, efficient, quiet, eco-friendly, and ... cool.

  • Easy-to-install
  • Efficient
  • Quiet
  • Eco-friendly
  • App and voice control
  • Remote control
  • Simple on-unit buttons
  • 3 cooling settings 
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Auto-dimming LED Display
  • Double-insulating side panels
  • Windmill AC with pre-assembled install kit
  • Antimicrobial-protected mesh filter (reusable)
  • Free activated carbon filter (lasts 3 months)
  • Cosmetic double-insulating side panels
  • Remote control
  • Adhesive & non-adhesive window insulation foam (1x each)
  • Screws
  • Window sash lock 
  • Scissors
  • Rubber screw hole plug

Will This Work With My Window?

Customize Your Windmill AC

Windmill Activated Carbon Filters
Windmill Activated Carbon Filters

Indoor air quality is 2-5x worse than outdoors. Activated carbon is found in many air purifiers and helps protect against fumes, odors, smoke, volatile organic compounds for 2-3 months.

One FREE Filter Included (Lasts 2 - 3 months)

Filter Auto-Refills. Choose Based on Usage:

Shipping Information

6mo pack (2 filters)

Order Date Pre-Jul 1 Post-Jul 1
Year 1 2mo after purchase No delivery this year
Years 2, 3, etc. Annually on Apr 1st

9mo pack (3 filters)

Order Date Pre-Jun 15 Post-Jun 15
Year 1 2mo after purchase No delivery this year
Years 2, 3, etc. Annually on Mar 1st

12mo pack (4 filters) ships annually 2mo after purchase.

Cancel or defer shipment anytime. Billing occurs upon shipment of each filter pack and includes cost for all weeks within the applicable monthly period.

Medium AC
8300 BTU (up to 350 sq ft)

$ 395 $ 415.00 In stock

Small AC
6000 BTU (up to 250 sq ft)

$ 345 $ 365.00 In stock

What's Already Included

Carbon Offset

We've partnered with EcoCart to help offset the carbon footprint of your purchase, so you can feel good that your order has a positive impact on the environment. A portion of each purchase supports verified sustainability projects worldwide.


Product Details

  • Details for 8300 BTU
  • Room size: Up to 350 sq ft
  • Dimensions: 13.2 H x 19.3 W x 19.4 L
  • Window type: Double- or single-hung only (no through-the-wall use)
  • Window opening width: 23-37 inches
  • Window opening height (minimum): 14 inches
  • Power cord: 115V, 6.5 feet (bottom right of unit)
  • Power consumption: 690W
  • Details for 6000 BTU
  • Room size: Up to 250 sq ft
  • Dimensions: 12 H x 18 W x 15.6 L
  • Window type: Double- or single-hung only (no through-the-wall use)
  • Window opening width: 22-36 inches
  • Window opening height (minimum): 13 inches
  • Power cord: 115V, 6.5 feet (bottom right of unit)
  • Power consumption: 540W

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our 8,300 BTU unit efficiently and quietly cools spaces up to 350 sq ft.
  • With our double-insulating side panels, many customers choose to leave their ACs in all year.
  • You can wash/change your filters with an easily removable magnetic front panel (for cleaner air!).
  • Our 6,000 BTU unit efficiently and quietly cools spaces up to 250 sq ft.
  • With our double-insulating side panels, many customers choose to leave their ACs in all year.
  • You can wash/change your filters with an easily removable magnetic front panel (for cleaner air!).

What’s included

  • The Windmill AC & Install Kit

    The install kit is pre-assembled for an easy installation.

  • Filters

    Antimicrobial-protected mesh (washable) and activated carbon (lasts ~3mo).

  • Cosmetic Side Panels

    Keeps things insulated, efficient, and clean-looking.

  • Remote Control

    Sleek and intuitive, so you don't have to leave the couch.

Also ships with two types of insulation foam, scissors, window lock, and other installation hardware and accessories. 

This high-design air conditioner is the quietest I’ve tried

The iPhone of air conditioners

Far nicer than anything on the market right now

Finally, an AC unit that is actually good looking. And, it's smart too

The best smart air conditioners for 2021

The Birkin bag of A/C units

Eye candy for your window

As soon as the Windmill came of out of the box I thought, bye bye industrial age, hello sleek and chic

A minimalist design that fade[s] into the background of your living space

  • Easy-to-install

    The installation kit is already pre-assembled in the box!

  • Efficient

    Air blows up and out into your room at the perfect angle for better cooling.

  • Quiet

    The Windmill AC runs smoothly and gently in the background.

  • Eco-friendly

    We help offset the carbon footprint of every Windmill AC purchased.

  • Smart

    You can control your AC from anywhere with our app (Apple and Android).

Installation is a breeze

The install kit comes pre-assembled, so the window AC is ready to go out of the box. Just follow our easy-to-read instructions and chat us if you have issues - you’ll be feeling cool in no time.

Elegant, yet powerful

We designed the AC to keep you comfortable, without getting in the way. Top vents blow air up and out at the perfect angle, delivering better airflow, quietly. With curved edges, clean lines, and an auto-dimming LED display, it hides in plain sight.

Smart and connected

Control your smart window air conditioner with our app, for iPhone and Android. Turn the window AC unit on 10 minutes before you get home on a blazing hot day. Turn it off if you forgot you left it on (now that’s eco-friendly!). You can also connect your Windmill in-window AC unit to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Perfect for most rooms

The Windmill AC fits single- or double-hung windows with an opening width of 23-37 inches (8,300 BTU AC) / 22-36 inches (6,000 BTU AC) and a vertical opening of at least 14 inches (8,300 BTU AC) / 13 inches (6,000 BTU AC). The 6,000 BTU air conditioner easily cools rooms up to 250 square feet, while the 8,300 BTU room air conditioner cools rooms up to 350 square feet.

Earn $$$, save the planet

We love a good win-win… like earning cash and helping the environment with Eco Rewards™, a first-of-its-kind energy management program for window ACs. Enroll your Windmill AC in a few minutes from the app, and we’ll automatically help you use less electricity when it matters most, like during a heatwave. Available in parts of New York only, for now.

Eco-friendly to the core

We didn’t want to create another window air conditioner that’s bad for the environment. We use a responsible, eco-friendly refrigerant (R32) with 68% less global warming potential than what’s commonly used (R410a). In addition to recycling old units, we also help offset the carbon emissions of every Windmill AC unit purchased.

Try it out risk-free

If for whatever reason you decide the Windmill AC's not right for you, feel free to return it within 30 days - no questions asked.

Don’t sweat the setup

If you need a little help, we’ve made it easy for you.

Do It Yourself

We’ve pre-assembled the installation kit so setup is a breeze. And, we’re always a message away if you run into issues.


For an extra helping hand, we’ve partnered with TaskRabbit nationwide so you can find someone qualified to install your AC.

Premium Installation

For those in NYC, we offer custom plexiglass and city-compliant installations by professional technicians (they'll even remove and recycle your old unit). CURRENTLY SOLD OUT.

Why we're better

We combined over 60 years of AC knowledge with a fresh perspective to design a better window air conditioner from scratch. Here's how we stack up.


Legacy ACs

Other New ACs


Is the AC something you’d actually want to look at in your home?


Is the install kit pre-assembled? Does the company offer installation services and direct customer support?


Does the AC run efficiently and use an eco-responsible refrigerant? Does the manufacturer help offset its carbon footprint?

Air Quality

Does the AC come with multiple filter types to help clean and purify your air?

WiFi Control

Can you control the AC with an app or voice commands?


Does the AC include double-insulation on the sides to better seal your windows?


Does the AC perform smoothly and run quietly in the background?

Note: represents generalized view of the window AC market and does not intend to cover all or specific manufacturers, models, or products.

From the ones living breezy

Cleaner air, delivered

Fresh filters mean fresher, healthier air, plus improved performance and longevity for your AC. We’ll keep you supplied so you don’t have to think about it too much.

Antimicrobial Filter
Carbon Insert
Give your old AC a new life

When refrigerants leak into landfills, it’s pretty awful for the environment. Properly recycling your old AC unit is an easy way to prevent that.

A breeze 60 years in the making

We’re built on a longstanding family tradition in the AC manufacturing business, bringing you a new spin on proven quality.

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Medium AC
8300 BTU (up to 350 sq ft)

$ 395 $ 415.00 In stock

Small AC
6000 BTU (up to 250 sq ft)

$ 345 $ 365.00 In stock

Step 1 - Window type

We need to make sure your window can hold an AC unit safely. It must be a single- or double-hung window (it should slide up and down) and be in good condition. Does this describe your window?
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Step 2 - Window Size

Great! Let’s figure out window size. The Windmill AC is designed to fit windows with a width of 23-37 inches and a vertical opening of at least 14 inches. Sounds accurate?
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Step 3 - Space Size

OK, what's the approximate size of your space? Best guess is fine!
(100-250 Square ft.)
(250-350 Square ft.)
(350+ Square ft.)
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And here's the Windmill for you! We wish you many breezy days.